About the snark

This is a place where I’ll be thinking out loud about how the tech-for-good community  measures, assesses and learns about its work. It’s not something we’ve been especially good at, but this is an effort to contribute to a more productive dialogue than the back row snark which tends to hound sloppy research. But it’s also an effort to harness the critical energy behind conference snark, towards a careful assessment of the methods we use for measuring, assessing and demonstrating impact.

But the ambitions are modest here. This is primarily a place for me to log reflections. If it’s useful, it might get prettier than wordpress standard.

About me:
I’m a cofounder of the engine room, where I led research work among other things, until setting up in academia in 2015. I’m now a phd fellow at the University of Oslo, working on institutional incentives within governments for engaging with digital feedback mechanisms. You can check that out here.

I also tweet @cosgrovedent, can be reached at 6855b8a3@opayq.com, and will get my PGP key and proper email info up here soonish.