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critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech
This is a blog about how the civic tech and accountability field measures its work and its impact. It’s based on a critical perspective, but tries to be more productive than conference snark. It’s an effort to highlight how much work is being done in silos across the academic-NGO divide, to de-mystify important methods and findings, and to call out research that is sloppy or unhelpful. Scroll for the blog roll, or check out the core content types:
I READ THIS FOR YOU: summaries for those with more interest than time. 
MINI LIT REVIEWS: when I wonder about something, I check what the research says, and write it up.
RESEARCH ROUNDUP: review of recent research on topical issues.
RANDOM SNARK: reflections and questions about using evidence in civic tech design.

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Snark spring cleaning

There's some changes coming to the snark. Research roundups will be topical and episodic rather than comprehensive and regular. This will open bandwidth for more research reviews and summaries by request, and more writing about the role of evidence in civic tech design. Lastly, some news and links to articles from my doctoral work on OGP.

Short summary of OGP research on open gov and trust in Latin America

What is it?: Restoring Trust through Open Government: an analysis of open government initiatives across Latin American subnational cases (36 pg report presenting research findings from 9 cities, commissioned by OGP). Main Point: Online interaction is bringing municipal governments and publics closer together, building trust in government in the process. Where it’s coming from I read this as part...

Methodical Snark critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech


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