Methodical Snark critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech

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@bbcmediaaction ‏ sums up research on social media in development, finds little evidence of impact, and notes that most researcher on the subject is focused on the Arab uprisings of 2011-2012.


@GlobalIntegrity ‏ continues to set the standard for best practice in governance assessments. They’re about to release provisional 2016 African Integrity data for a 2 month peer comment and review phase. This is part of an effort to learn about how the data is used and to improve their methodologies. Their recent blogpost reflects on the general process and some of the most tricky methodological/practical challenges to actionable governance research, like how to balance comparability with country-fit.

@Andy_Tattersall ‏ argues that academic departments should have embedded technologists to help facilitate broader uptake and adoption of new technology tools for research. #notthehelpdesk

Open Media Scholarship is a nonprofit site, established in 2017, dedicated to promoting open access (OA) in media, communication, and film scholarship and teaching. The site features OA journals, books, and resources, along with searches for OA articles and datasets. The rationale for Open Media Scholarship is that media scholars, for a variety of reasons, should be at the forefront of the OA movement.”

In the Methodological Weeds

Prediction and Inference from Social Networks and Social Media: a new book, with focus on “realistic social network topologies, awareness of user activities, topic and trend generation, estimation of user attributes from their social content, and behavior detection.” Whoa. Even a chapter on MOOC discussion forums.

Academic Opps


  • OGP needs national researchers to review national action plan implementation in 19 countries. Great international networks, demanding but important work. Get in! (Canada, El Salvador, France, Ghana, Honduras, Italy, Liberia, Lithuania, Malawi, Mexico, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Ukraine, United States)
  • Data Science Postdoc at @BerkeleyISchool w/ focus on #dataviz #machinelearning #ethics and field experiements (!!!)
  • Postdoct in Digital Humanities, University of Exeter

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Methodical Snark critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech