Research Links w 39

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Commentary / Community

  • MySociety announced the next TicTeC (conference on the Impacts of Civic Technology), taking place in Florence, 25th and 26th April 2017.
  • In prep for MERL Tech, FHI 360 and Girl Effect are hosting a survey and session on the “Sexist Data Crisis,” by which they mean the fact that women and girls are underrepresented in development data, and the impact this has on policy and program design. It’s an important issue, whose key points aren’t well represented in this blogpost, or the survey they have issued to back up the session. Hoping to hear that the conversation at MERLtech is both more nuanced and hands on. A tall order, I know.
  • All the collaboration between NGOs and researchers: Duncan Green continued to reflect on the researcher/NGO disconnect, calling for more early collaboration between the two, while Innovations for Poverty Action ran a series of workshops to test what works best at events aiming to build bridges (in the field of financial inclusion). They recommend: limited and curated content, emphasis, and no presentations. Makes sense. Meanwhile, the Berkman Centre dropped a series of four research briefs on moving research outputs into policy, with a surprising focus on privacy. This last one merits a much closer look, so will soon return in a blogpost.
  • published a collection of around 35 FOIA “success stories” from around the world, grouped into a handful of themes. It’s explicitly not a methodically rigorous collection, rather a “celebration with anecdotes.”



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