research links w 45

Papers and Findings

umm. Trump.

In the Methodological Weeds

CEPR has a great blogpost explaining RCTs, their limits and misconceptions. Most importantly, the linked paper digs deep into the “transportability problem” (ie: how to get from experimental findings to policy). This is especially problematic in  TTA work, where important contextual factors tend to be hidden (see also MAVC’s working paper on the issue). Looking at you Ash Center.

New Media & Society article proposes a user context-centric methdology for evaluating apps. Look out, it’s STS-heavy.

Community and Commentary

The Netherlands is going to start experimenting with open, collaborative and self organizing research publication and funding communities. This aims to put peer review and other antiquated academic incentive structures on the chopping block. Whoa.

The GODI16 is launched and looking for contributors.

Academic Opps

  • CFP out for the ICA pre-conference on the internet and authoritarian regimes (May 25, San Diego)
  • JPAL has fellowships and funding available for working on research transparency and reproducibility
  • U of Amsterdam’s Digital Methods Winter School i open for registration. You can read my take on their summer school here.

Miscellanea & Absurdum


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