Methodical Snark critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech

Last week in civic tech research: T4T/A boosts government efficiency, govt social media is for broadcasting and 700(!) activism nodes in LatAm


Firstly: policy makers say that readability is the most imp thing for getting your research used for decision-making, + more tips from @fp2p. Just getting that out there.


Research on National Integrity Systems in New Zealand and the UK suggest that NIS impact is limited and disparate, while data analysis across 51 countries from 2003-2010, suggests that ICTs, transparency and anti-corruption efforts make government more efficient. Other studies show that gamification of civic tech meetups improves creative problem-solving when the games build empathy instead of rewarding skills, and that internet shutdowns have cost sub-Saharan African countries $235 million.

Case Studies:


Looks like some interesting research will be coming out in 2018 on digital activism and the links between civil society and government in Latin America. So far there’s some social media and podcasting from @beatriz_biro and @rafapoco described in the above link, plus a platform visualizing “700 initiatives mapped in 21 countries.”

Also, a survey of participatory mechanisms in the energy sector.


The Council of Europe has new Guidelines for civil participation in political decision-making

In other news:


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Methodical Snark critical reflections on how we measure and assess civic tech


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